Sunday, 17 June 2012

Introducing Me.

From a personal point of view, i think that the audience of any blog has to know an insight to the blogger to be engaged in the blog. If you are browsing through blogs, you can always tell which bloggers are passionate in the subject that they blog about, but since this is my first post i will tell you about my passion for fashion and as soon as i start updating regularly you can make up your mind about that. Throughout my life i have bought countless fashion magazines, purchased tons of cheap throw away fashion and even a few pieces which i stand by being proud to have in my wardrobe. Unfortunately for us, the non-celebrity, down to earth crowd. We don't have a tree at the end of our gardens that blossoms with £20 notes fresh each morning. So, when it comes to fashion we have 2 choices; we either raid rails of sales in our favourite shops at the end of each season and make the most of that clothes for the season after by matching it with inexpensive accessories, or we purchase one or two dearer items of clothes and they last us for a good few years and we wear them with everything that we have. Many of us watch the catwalk shows on youtube, drooling over the gorgeous new collections by many of the designers, as the models parade down the catwalk jealous rages through every inch of my body wishing i could even touch the material. So, the aim of this blog will be to show high street cheaper alternatives to the outfits shown on many catwalks in London, Paris, New York and Milan. Also updates on the upcoming seasons and what kind of looks to look out for in the high street to grab before anyone else does. I hope you enjoy. lots of love moll xxxxxxx

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