Sunday, 8 July 2012

Chloe Resort Wear

Following the Chloe Resort 2013 post, i have gathered high street versions of one of the outfits. This one is my favourite as i love how the colours are so simple yet different and they match perfectly. I love long coats too, they're incredible intelligent and look somewhat powerful because the long coat was traditionally worn by male figures, who were the bread winners of the family, which is why it makes women look overpowering. This outfit totals at £177.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Chloé Resort 2013

I personally love the new Chloé Resort collection. The new collection features items to cater for all kinds; shorts, trousers, dresses and skirts. Some items portray a more masculine look supporting the 'boyfriend' fashion trend. Although others, focused on feminine aspects. The collection sees appearances of popular images in the current fashion eye, for example the 'Mullet Skirt' (the one that is long at the back and short at the back) which gives a sexy but not too revealing feel. A favourite of mine the '7/8th Tailored Trousers' a contemporary, in-style look but also perfectly acceptable for the office, without having to wear frightful straight leg black pants. Some of the outfits are rather 'bohemianised' creating a natural, accustomed look with earthy, raw tones and colours. This look very much inspired by the 70's and the 'flower power' epidemic. Clare Waight Keller (Chloé's creative director) has seemingly based the theme on inspiration of a scarf from the 70's. I'm a sucker for vintage inspired looks and this collection definitely has me week at the knees.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pretty in pink.

Got a cute date in your diary? A picnic in the park, a stroll along the beach, a romantic meal or even a trip to the cinema. This outfit is the perfect first date outfit. The colours are innocent and feminine, research has proven that the male specimen love feminine women, this is because the contrast makes the male feel more masculine. It is obvious to men that feminine women cares and respects herself, not only in her appearance but that she never forgets that she is a woman. This look will fascinate and allure the opposite sex. If he loves it that much, you may be walking away from the date without paying a single penny! Unfortunately though, it will be you who has to pay for the outfit before the date and the new outfit below costs £160.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


The Aztec print stormed onto catwalks shortly followed by stocking up on high street clothing racks at the beginning of 2012. This popular trend originating from the Columbian peoples from central Mexico, has certainly been a hit throughout the first 6 months of 2012. The sharp geometric print paired with bright and often neon colours, are very different to the usual calm, pastel colours through summer usually. You could wear any of the aztec pieces of clothing with plain colours, or another aztec print piece of clothing if you're feeling more adventurous, slip on a pair of bright heels and a matching clutch and you're set for a great night out. The clothes below are from the high street stores Topshop, River Island and Urban Outfitters, however i've seen this print in almost every single high street and online fashion retailer.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Everyone has their own look and style, not everyone suits everything, so you have to tailor your specific fashion needs to you. Instead of the classy, elegant look, this is more retro and grungey. If you wear the right things together, this look is great. Dr Martens may be designer, and although i didn't enlist a cheaper alternative, high street shops such as New Look and Primark, will sell similar but at a cheaper price. The ensemble i dug up comes to £355. A little bit expensive, but totally worth it!

woman in white

Spring and Summer are associated with new life and revival. A fresh start. Nothing springs to mind wiping the slate clean and starting all over again than a crisp white number. The shirt and linen trousers show a cool but very classy look. The surrogate high street look totals at £153. The perfect summer outfit should act essential in your wardrobe pairing it with any sort of shoes, dressing it up with some jewellery and platforms. Or sticking a pair of skinny jeans on to dress it down for a quick lunch out with friends.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Miranda Kerr best dressed 15/06/12

Miranda Kerr renowned for her great sense of style and of course being one of, if not the most famous Victoria's Secret Angels. Kerr was voted best dressed of the week on the 15th of June by British Vogue, she was papped looking like she had made no effort to throw on a pair of cropped navy trousers and a pair of Lanvin heels. Although the urban outfitters buckled tote alternative is no Celine, it is definitely a considerable amount cheaper and looks pretty similar. The makeshift outfit totals up to £154.50.
An hour later, after scouring through fashion site after fashion site, i recreated the models mixed pattern look and got this. Many of the individual fashion sites had many midi skirts like the one in the picture and amongst the popular style for spring/summer 2012. The final cost of this outfit would be 124.40. So, for a stroll through the park on a sunny summer day or a trip to the shops with friends, this is the perfect day look you could pull off without trying too hard.

Introducing Me.

From a personal point of view, i think that the audience of any blog has to know an insight to the blogger to be engaged in the blog. If you are browsing through blogs, you can always tell which bloggers are passionate in the subject that they blog about, but since this is my first post i will tell you about my passion for fashion and as soon as i start updating regularly you can make up your mind about that. Throughout my life i have bought countless fashion magazines, purchased tons of cheap throw away fashion and even a few pieces which i stand by being proud to have in my wardrobe. Unfortunately for us, the non-celebrity, down to earth crowd. We don't have a tree at the end of our gardens that blossoms with £20 notes fresh each morning. So, when it comes to fashion we have 2 choices; we either raid rails of sales in our favourite shops at the end of each season and make the most of that clothes for the season after by matching it with inexpensive accessories, or we purchase one or two dearer items of clothes and they last us for a good few years and we wear them with everything that we have. Many of us watch the catwalk shows on youtube, drooling over the gorgeous new collections by many of the designers, as the models parade down the catwalk jealous rages through every inch of my body wishing i could even touch the material. So, the aim of this blog will be to show high street cheaper alternatives to the outfits shown on many catwalks in London, Paris, New York and Milan. Also updates on the upcoming seasons and what kind of looks to look out for in the high street to grab before anyone else does. I hope you enjoy. lots of love moll xxxxxxx